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Email Support

Updated 01-01-2011

Web-based email

Google Apps / Gmail
IMAP Support or POP3 Support
iPhone Use Exchange to sync Contact and Calendar

Cox Northern Virginia
Support 703-378-8422
help with email settings

POP3= pop.east.cox.net (do not use POP3)
SMTP= smtp.east.cox.net

Support 800-266-2278
help with email settings

POP3= mail.comcast.net (do not use POP3)
SMTP= smtp.comcast.net
You will need your Comcast user name (email address) and password
Advanced setting change SMTP Port from 25 to 587
note: you will need to open up port 587 in your firewall if you have one.

NNTP news server = newsgroups.comcast.net (requires login)

Verizon DSL or FiOS
updated 01-29-13
Support 800-567-6789
POP3= pop.verizon.net Port 995 SSL (Does not offer IMAP)
SMTP= smtp.verizon.net port 465 SSL
You will need your Verizon user name (email address) and password

NNTP news server = news.verizon.net

Cannot Access Attachments Outlook
Contact Information Does Not Appear in Address Book
How to Compact Outlook PST Files